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Why We Like Bearaby Blankets

Bearaby is one of the brands people immediately think of when talking about weighted blankets and that is for good reason! Their blankets are high quality and a show piece that will go in any room and decor. 

bearaby logo

Price Range: $150 – 375 (USD)

Our Pick - The Napper (Cotton Weighted Blanket)

bearaby asteroid gray weighted blanket

A Truly Cooling Blanket

Bearaby’s cooling ability comes from its large-hole knitting pattern.

Different Weights

They have many blankets in the .8 to 1 pound per square foot range.

A Variety of Colors

Carried with some consistency across their entire product line. 

bearaby blanket colors

Different Fabrics

Soft Eucalyptis Fiber

Tree Napper

Organic Cotton

Cotton Weighted Blanket
Travel Napper

Eco Velvet

Velvet Napper