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Why We Like Gravity Blankets

It is hard to talk about weighted blankets without bringing up Gravity. They have a great base product and a premium product with a micro-fiber fleece duvet cover.

Price Range: $80 – 250 (USD)

Our Pick: 15lbs Grey 48"x72" Twin-Sized Blanket


In General, It's Great!

Overall, this is a high quality blanket.

Excellent Duvet System

The button fasteners and zipper enclosure keep the blanket secure in the duvet cover. 

Great Materials

The internal blanket is made with cotton and uses glass beads as the filler.

Twin Blankets at .8 lbs / sq.ft.

They have both Original and Cooling blankets at a good weight density in a twin/single size.  

A Variety of Styles

Their line includes the original microfiber fleece, cooling lyocell, and chunky knit blankets.

A Variety of Colors

Each product provides different color options including some bold choices. Following are colors for the Original blanket.