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Why We Like L’AGRATY Blankets

We put L’AGRATY on the list because it is budget friendly. You get a quality OEKO-TEX certified blanket with solid construction and glass beads (on the paneled construction blanket). 

Price Range: $60 – 80 (USD)

Our Pick: 20lbs Grey 48"x72" Twin-Sized Blanket


An Affordable, High Quality Blanket

It has fewer features but you still get a high-quality weighted blanket.

It Supports a Duvet Cover

Each blanket has corner ties so you can find the perfect duvet cover to match your decor. 

Great Materials

You know we love glass beads as a weighted filler. 

The Knitted Blanket isn't "Chunky"

This leads to a more natural feeling weighted blanket. 

Twin Blankets at .8 lbs / sq.ft.

They have both paneled and knit blankets at a good weight density.

A Variety of Styles

They offer a paneled and knitted blanket to provide warmer and cooler options.