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Why We Like Luxome Weighted Blankets

We love Luxome because they use high quality materials in all of their weighted blankets. Once you fall in love with this blanket, you will want to get their other products.

Price Range: $105 – 230 (USD)

Our Pick - Luxome Blanket with Removable Lyocell and Bamboo Minky Cover


High Quality Fabrics

Blankets are OEKO-TEX certified which means they are harmless to human health.

Focused on Weight Density

Weight per square foot helps you select a better blanket for you.

Different studies speak to different beneficial densities.  Though many of these suggest .8lbs per square foot for specific conditions Luxome put the effort in to uncover general consumer needs of .5 lbs per square foot. The following is from their site: 

“Buying a weighted blanket based on a percent of your body weight isn’t accurate since it doesn’t take into account the size of the blanket. We did extensive user testing and optimized all of our blankets to an ideal weight per square foot that nearly everyone agreed on, so simply select a size that works best and rest assured, it will be the perfect weight.” 

Consistent, Quality Glass Beads

Combined with fiber filler and durable stitching between panels make a quiet weight that doesn’t bunch. 

A Variety of Colors, Patterns, and Textures

Reversible Covers


One Piece


Different Fabrics

Bamboo Lyocell

One Piece
Blanket + Cover


One Piece
Blanket + Cover

They Make Other Related Products

That means it’s easier to coordinate color and style throughout your home. 

Easy Transport

Each blanket comes with a tote for easy storage and transport.